I believe we all have a superpower. Each of us holds it. For those it touches, it gives the gift of unlimited potential. Most of us have not tapped into this power or realize it’s even there. This is because our power cannot be seen in a huge flash of light or accomplish its goal instantly. Our power is invisible. It is strongest when it is wielded consistently, intentionally, purposefully, and with warmth. It can take years or decades to see the effects of our power, but make no mistake, the effects are potent. This power can be used for good and, like all powers, it can also be and does get used to set the world back.

This power is the POWER OF OUR WORDS.

Words. So simple, yet so powerful, and in the wise ones of Spiderman’s Uncle Ben, “with great power comes great responsibility.” When used with intention, affection, purpose, and consistency, words can transform children’s lives. They can lay down the foundation for critical thinking, problem solving, and resilience.  Words can foster positive thinking, emotional intelligence, empathy, a child’s sense of self-worth and allow for positive relationships to enter our children’s lives. They can encourage them to take on challenges and teach them to see that failing is a necessary and important part of the success equation and not something to be feared. Words can help our children understand that the process of doing something and what is learned along the way is often more rewarding and enjoyable than the result.  They can inspire them to simply try and say “yes” more often than “no.”  Words can set our children on a path of unbelievable success and fulfillment.

Use the power irresponsibly, or worse, maliciously, and children are deprived of essential language and life skills they need to communicate and connect with other humans. Their academics tumble. Their confidence wanes and insecurities take their place. Fear of making mistakes takes over and stifles their abilities to create, challenge themselves, problem solve, and grow. As a result, resilience, persistence, compassion, and self-trust are lost and the child’s ultimate potential is smothered. Tragic.

The AMAZING NEWS is that we hold so much power in determining the outcome for our children!

Our words have the power to transform our children’s brains and, in turn, their lives into incredible success stories. I am not just referring to success derived from money. I am talking about the REALLY GOOD STUFF – our children becoming fulfilled, compassionate, brilliant, connected, confident and strong global citizens with purpose. Progress, innovation, peace, and economic success will inevitably follow.

The question is, which words and how to go about it? It is the kind of words we use, the amount of words we use, and HOW we use those words that dictate where this next generation and generations to come will take our magnificent planet. And it all starts with us-the people who bring these magical beings into this world, or who receive the gift of raising them, or who teach them, or who guide and counsel them, or who touch their lives in one form or another. These small beings have limitless potential…potential waiting to be nourished, fostered, and unleashed in all its glory. We just need to harness our power. We need to learn where it comes from and how it works, and we need to start using it knowing that it’s not going to be perfect, and, like all hero stories, things won’t always go according to plan. But in the end, this world will be a better place because we tried, we acted, and it came from a good place.

Let’s harness our superpower together and help our little boys and girls thrive. Let’s make this world – their world, into a beautiful place full of fulfilled people who will continue to do the same for future generations.

Join me on this journey of learning, nourishing, connecting and harnessing this superpower responsibly so we can set up our children to thrive. Through this, I believe we all will thrive too.

The future depends on you and on all of us. You are more powerful than you know.